Under the Bougainvilleas, I Wonder About You (Photo Series)


day 1 of a week in singapore. 

i didn't have any idea how hot it would be during the day but i'm glad i wore something very light and easy to walk around. it's my very first time to visit another place which isn't local and i have to say that my eyes were very quite pleased with the architecture of the buildings. my commuter self was also amazed with their transport system, although i didn't wander around and got lost all by myself (i figured, i'm still a sheltered girl). 

first favorites:

1. SALTED EVERYTHING!!! i love their salted sauce. it's very creamy and not that salty. my taste buds rejoiced and thanked the heavens for tasting a new kind of flavor (because when i started in medical school i suddenly drifted from food flavorings and liked my food bland, lol) 

2. the singaporean ice cream. it's like our dirty ice cream here but instead of waffle cones and pandesal/monay  (im not so sure lol), they use wafer and two slices of colored bread (idk what it's called hahaha) and sandwich the ice cream.
3. their bus system. i know i said i didn't get lost on my own, but whenever i observe how the people use their bus system, it seems very manageable to me.

4. singaporeans are very nice people!! 

p.s. i toook loads of pictures during my trip so i apologize for the amount of pictures i'm gonna be uploading :P i also enjoyed editing so, where else do i showcase my productivity? here of course :P :P

h&m gingham dress, from antique native bag, SM accessories straw hat, bazaar specs, topshop sandals

ty to my cousin for touring me around and taking my pictures!

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