6th of Feb


It's been a year since one of the happiest moments in my life . The moments I will cherish in this lifetime. The time when I learned how to be patient, to be faithful, and appreciate things happening — whether it may be good or bad — without reservations. I wanted to blog about it exactly a year ago but I was too emotional that I couldn't really put into words the happiness I felt. I never really thought I'd finish my degree... I felt like I was too lost during my undergrad years. I wanted to drop out, just move to a new school and enroll in something Fashion related. I thought if I wasn't happy in current my course, I should just move on and go onto another path where, at least I wouldn't feel too bad and get burned out most of the time. (Also, I already had a change of heart the moment my parents paid for my tuition fee in DLSU lol hahaha, BUT OFC my parents would go ballistic on me if I ever told them that time, so I kept shush)

But on a more serious note, after all of the ups and downs, I experienced back in undergrad, I am very proud to say that I am beyond grateful that I continued and finished it. It was the peak of my maturity, peak of my learnings in life. The moment I went on that stage to get my diploma and receive handshakes from two of my professors who I really look up to, everything made sense to me. It was a eureka moment. Everything flashed back from day 1... from the weeks I was worrying and crying because I might not get into a good university, and because I got redirected to a course I really didn't want to be in. It all made sense on this day last year.

Everything was to make me stronger and to mature. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, you name it lol. Okay in short.. Holistically. Everything had to happen... from the people I met along the way, the bad days, heart aches due to failures (haha), and the stairs moments in Andrew Bldg (hahahaha) It all needed to happen. All the redirections from the very beginning, it was for me to learn how to appreciate this life. To meet people who will break me and make me into someone I've been hoping and praying for ever since.

I will never forget how God made me feel today last year. I can't expound about it but it's something I'll look back at and will never fail to bring a smile to my face. It's a reminder for me not to give up. For me to climb up every scary mountain i encounter, to see things through, in every victory and defeat, to always have faith that everything will work out in the end, or if it doesn't, i shouldn't be scared to start over again because it's never too late.
Everything was worth it, I'm glad I finished the road and I'm glad it all happened. Oh and btw, medical school's version of extreme is at level 100000000000lostcount2much2handleHELPImGOINGCRAZYLordHELPHELPHELP lol

See you guys soon!!

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