You make me blush


top: h&m pants: topshop shoes: stradivarius sling bag and ring: sm accessories belt: cache cache 

HEY GUYS! How have you all been???? I haven't blogged in sooo soooo long because of the major events that have been happening to me lately. Guess what??? I'm finally in medical school! Four months ago, I've already accepted the fact that maybe I'm really not for medical school. That maybe teaching is really calling me as well as fashion.... I was already applying for jobs, even got interviewed for a job already, but here I am right now... Still alive and barely breathing! Hahaha. I'm literally on zombie mode every other week because of exams. Sometimes I complain... but whenever I remember how much I cried and prayed for me to get accepted in medschool, I stop and just pray to God for  knowledge, wisdom... and for all the mnemonics to never leave my brain!!! :)) 

Anyway, when we shot this pictures (hi faye) and while I was editing them, I realized how much I needed an outlet just to keep my sanity intact. Medical school has been (and i think will always be) so crazy lately that if I don't do things apart from studying, printing, and reading, I'll surely burst.

I might do something new for this blog, and I hope you guys watch out for it!! That's all for now, going to bed in 3 2 1.... zzz

(c) faye banogon. thank you for being the best photographer :)

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