Ball of Wire


Currently living a bum life right now. All I do is watch korean dramas, sleep, eat, stalk gorgeous people on the internet – and repeat. I'm still figuring things out on whether I should pursue medical school, or start working already. Currently praying for things to perfectly fall into place so I can finally hop out of my anxiety and start anew. A bit dramatic right now because of the korean drama that I'm watching which is Coffee Prince! Koreans are sooo good in making dramas, and the love stories are just so dreamy. It's kinda breaking my heart because it's all too good to be true :( Lol. Although I hope someday the love stories could happen to me....? Haha, anyway. I recently chopped off my hair again and I'm really loving it! Can't believe it's only now that I've become adventurous with my hair. I love how low maintenance it is. Oh, and I'm kind of obsessed with hats right now. 

I just rambled a lot of things.. can't really think up straight because my mind is like a ball of wire right now. So many thoughts are just flowing in and out of my brain – SUCKS.  

Hope you're all having a great week!


shorts and bracelet: forever21, top: @trippyswag on IG, floppy hat: topshop, sandals: h&m

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  1. i love your top and shorts. so pretty.

    xo, Carla