CEBU 2016


Every summer my college barkada makes it to a point where we do some ultimate bonding experience, AKA what we call "U.B.E Travels". For the past years, it's been a lot about beaches, and roadtrips, but this year, we did something really fun and exciting! Well, I have to say semi-fun because I always half-heartedly do adventures like hiking, trekking, and the like. But as what every adventurer says, it's all worth it in the end! :P

Here's a photo diary during our Cebu Trip! Btw, we booked all our activities (Canyoneering, Whale Shark Watching, and [for Amanda and Jeff] Island Hopping), via Island Trek and Tours. :)

Day 1: City Tour. Casa Verde. Rico's Lechon. La Vie Parisienne.
Day 2: Canyoneering Adventure + Kawasan Falls
Day 3: Whale Shark Watching + Sky Adventure. Larsian Barbecue

**I apologize for my weak editing skills :(**
Definitely coming back to do the 50ft jump!!!

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