Summer Dressing


Strolled around the streets and malls of Cebu in this heat friendly romper, which have been hanging on my closet for quite a while now. In this unbearable heat, which seems to be a preview of how hot hell might really be, anything long sleeved, or anything that hugs your arms up to your wrists is not a very good idea.  *sad* I've to say that I'm not one to wear anything sleeveless even it's very hot ('cause of my humongous arms), but just couldn't stand the heat anymore. I'm so pleased with this 3in1 romper, since it's fashion savvy, heat friendly, and versatile (yes, I have other ideas on how to re-style this romper again!) ;)

So anyway, I actually just scored this romper in a Zara sale and I'm very happy to add it to one of my essentials this summer! Next to hats and sandals. Planning on making a diary about my Cebu Trip, so stay tuned? :)

romper: zara, bag: nine west, inner tank: f21, hat: sm accessories sandals: h&m

ps: thanks to my girlfriend jacquelyn who took these pictures :)
xx, thea

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