Shoes ready for adoption


My parents have been constantly ranting about how much things I'm just storing inside my room so I think it's time to give up some and look for new parents for my old babies! They've been inside their boxes for quite a while now, because first, I don't have any occasions to attend to anymore, and lastly I think pumps aren't made for my feet :( I can't walk properly in pumps, and I'm done trying to make it fit (fail Cinderella moment haha). I don't think pumps of any kind will fit my tiny feet ever. They seem to always slip from my feet, so I think they should be in another girl's closet already and be put to good use :) Most shoes I'm selling are size 6 (I'm size 5.5, sadly. When shopping for pumps, the size should be a size smaller, or half a size smaller for better fit :( )

Please email at if you decide to adopt some of them!

PHP 1.500, Brand: Zara TRF, worn only once. Size 6. 

PHP 350, Brand: SM Parisian, never worn. Size 6 (but i think it has a better fit on sizes 6.5 to 7)
PHP 350, Brand: So Fab! Size 6.

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