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So, I went to this art fair at The Link in Makati with one of my longest friends and best friend (hi faye) and channeled a 90's look. Although I know that I look like a kid in the outfit, I'm kinda obsessing over styles like this on the net lately.  

So, apparently this art fair was a thing (we weren't really informed, haha) because there were lots of people, including celebrities (we saw Iza Calzado and she is beyond gorgeous with her all black outfit and vampy lips) and bloggers ( I saw Jamie Catt of, if you guys are familiar of her. i love her art!) Tricia Gosingtian went there but I was already home the time she got there :( Anyway, the place was amaaaazing, and I remember the time when I roamed around at DLSU's own Yuchengco Museum for a class and forgot how fun and relaxing it is to see and admire an artwork.  Looking and admiring all the artworks lying, hanging, and standing there was a breather to me. I've been stressing about my future plans lately that the only thing I want to do right now is go to the beach, lay down on the sand and look at the sky. But thanks to events like Art Fair Ph, I got to relax for a bit. Being there also kind of renewed me, and inspired me to paint again. (I have this dream that one of my artworks could be displayed in an exhibit like that one day :P) 
I wish I brought my DSLR, though, 'Cause my iPhone didn't do any justice in capturing the artworks. My favorite pieces were mostly by Raffy Napay and Mark Justiniani. And if there's one thing I've learned from the entire Art Fair Ph experience? Is to take note of the artists' names lol. I took tons of pictures of the masterpieces there but I only got to really remember a few because I didn't think about taking note of their names. I feel bad because one way of appreciating an artwork is to get the artist's name, than just to stare at it for 1 minute straight. You know, for proper credits.

one of my faves! by Mark Justiniani
also by Mark Justiniani

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