Beware of this Seller


Ok so last night, my phone notified me that someone has been lurking on my IG account. This someone with a username of @/abbyrosereyes and @/rosetanreyes kept on posting rude comments on my photos (see photos below). 

At first, I didn't respond to her comments, I just let her be because I'm not really affected with her hate comments and I accept who I am and contented with my "dark skin" and "huge thighs" (or pata) that she's been ranting about, and I thought it was just one of those users who has all the time in this world for hating and bashing on innocent people, and quickly moves on to their next victim. But then what surprised me is that, she went back to my IG profile and bashed on my photos again, however this time it was not only the bashing and hating that I got. What she did now is she took a screenshot of my recent picture, typed on it a "BEWARE SCAMMER" warning and posted it on her OWN IG profile saying that I am not only a scammer, but bogus as well. And there's more: She followed everyone on my IG list!

First I thought to myself, I haven't been active on IG for a week now, and her IG profile which is supposedly an "online shop" for fake Stan Smiths (which is a bit overpriced)  and is only 1 week old and not even famous, so how in the world would I find her first and how did she find me? With only 350+ followers, I am very sure to say that I am not Instagram Famous for her to use me as a marketing strategy for her shop. And I'm not even interested in buying Stan Smiths, especially if it is an OVERPRICED REPLICA. (She's selling it almost the same as the original ones, for 4,200PHP if im not mistaken).   I never transacted with her, and will never buy overpriced replica shoes. I'm not naïve about prices of things.

It's so sad how other people's strategy to gain fame and fortune is to bring down other people. Right now, I feel so threatened and even more restricted. Everyone, please please do report this user on Instagram so she could be taken down and can't victimize other people anymore. 

Ps: My friends and I took screenshots of her profile even before she made her account private. 

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