Year of Extremes


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             The twenty year old me experienced a lot of things in 2015. For me it was the year of the extremes. Let me start off why "extremes" in a lighter mood.. 2015 was pure bliss for me due to the reason that I've done a lot of things that an eighteen year old me was just dreaming about. Night roadtrips with my high school barkada, a lot of food trips, and hugot conversations. I also visited Aklan's (my hometown) beaches twice this year. First was with my college barkada which we had an "ultimate bonding experience" (lol), and the second time was with my family. Finally learned a bit of tennis. I also said yes to a trek invite (finally). I went trekking with my college barkada in Mt. Pinatubo... Adventures I was deeply craving for when I was 18/19 years old finally happened last year. And you know what I'm truly happy about in 2015? I was finally done with my undergraduate course! (hello unemployment, lol) 

            Kidding aside, let's move on to the other reason why I call 2015 a year of extremes. Aside from all of the happy things that have happened in 2015, it was also full of regrets and there were truly, very, painful moments that've happened last year, which I'm still trying to forget just to save myself from feeling bad and feeling like I was all at fault. I'm really not going to talk about it anymore, so that the feelings won't relive. But if there's something that the world taught me last year, it's this:
People who leave your life, even in another universe, is not your loss. They didn't make it to your future because they're not going to be of any help for you to achieve your success in life. They were only in your life to teach you a valuable lesson. And if you're going to ask, what about the memories?  I'm pretty sure you'll have new and better ones with the right people who are going to stay for a lifetime. Don't let your poison get in the way of attaining your success. Leave them all behind you.

xo, thea

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