Fell in love with the Falls


Every trek that I finish, I always feel like I've been renewed as a person. I've only been to two treks in my 20 years of existence, but I've realized how much of a big help it is for people who have problems related to depression or anxiety (like me). I also confess that I'm the #1 weakling and the whiny one in the group. Before and during the trek, I'd be the only one who brat attacks and complain, and I'm pretty sure my friends who I go with are already used to it lol (Btw, brat attack is just a term of my friends and I when we just can't deal with something anymore. It's more of an adult kind of tantrums lol) However being the #1 weakling and whiny when it comes to hiking, I think that my heart is already changing. I'm suddenly into it, like I'm at the point of my life where I'm planning on investing on a reliable hiking shoes. The cravings for another adventure has suddenly been injected into my system. I think that it's because of the adrenaline rush that it gives me and the glorifying moment after I endure the trek. It strengthens my faith that I can surpass every single challenge I'll encounter in life. 
Okay, so before I get emotional with my hiking experiences, I'll just talk about the adventure I had with my friends. We visited three falls. Talay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls in Luisiana, Lagun. Hidden Falls was the hardest to go to (well for me because I have a weak body and my rock climbing skills were poor). It was a mix of trekking and rock climbing. I even fell on my butt at the first hour of the journey and honestly, I nearly fainted and I was about to give up already (lol #1 weakling). The two guides who were with us also seemed to be only helping just one person the most (hint: ME) :))  But I'm proud of myself by not backing down, and still continued to endure it. And I'm so thankful for kuya guides also. I have to say that the adrenaline rush I felt when we had to climb (after chilling at the falls) was pure bliss. I wanna do it again, so that I can finally conquer my fear of falling and heights. Here are some pictures, and a video (that my friend made, Hi Zai!) of our adventure. So funny how I look fine in the pics when in fact I was already dying inside (lol @ me).

Link of vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3I2ciX_dWM
Talay Falls
Hidden Falls (grabbed from Virginia!)
photo op with hulugan falls

Hulugan Falls

L-R: Virginia, Ghiselle, Claudine, Darence, Mike, Carl, Zaira, Faye, Me, and Aly

photos aren't really mine since i was too tired to take pictures lol

xo, thea

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