Lazy Dressing


Practice teaching outfit

Throughout the year, I have been nothing but a lazy dresser. I've somehow outgrown my "i need to look perfect" phase, because truth be told nobody really cares about you and your clothes, at least after 5 minutes. Plus, Philippines is such a hot country (but I love it) to always look like an over the top fashion gurl especially when you have to use PUVs ;) 

I've been practice teaching for the past three months as one of the major requirements to earn my undergraduate degree, and as much as I wanted to be the fashion girl biology teacher, I chose to let lazy dressing win over me. (Comfort is a priority, but being a fashion girl is still one of my real deals) Anyway, here's my usual go-to outfit for my practicum.  There was a time when I attempted to wear heels, but it didn't really work out for me that well since the floor in the school was kind of slippery, so I gave up and just wore flats instead.

xo, thea 

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