Forgive the scrunchie


Zara shoes, sweater and pants Terranova vest vintage bag Forever21 necklace (forgive the scrunchie, please)

And here goes my first outfit for 2015! It's been pretty cold lately so anything knitted, long sleeved, and sweaters please! I wore this outfit during a catch up with my high school friends. We were supposed to watch a movie but we ended up eating instead. I swear it's always food trip when I'm with them. I'm not complaining though, since it's always a great time with them and I'm making the most out of my holiday break, since I know that once schools starts again, my social life's gonna caged up again.

Not going to talk much about this outfit, but I can say my love for black hasn't still gone away. I'll try to be more creative next time :) But, btw, I have kwento (story)!! While taking these photos there were group of kids who were so sweet enough to tell me I looked nice and 3 boys said they have a crush on me lol my sister and I burst out a huge laugh. It was the first time strangers (who weren't creepy, of course) complimented me, they even told us their names. What a great way to start 2015, right? 

Cheers to the New Year!! 

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