Work With What You Have


Top and Skirt (similar here) Bag and Flats: Topshop  Over the knee socks and necklace Forever 21 Bow clip: Bazaar Cardigan: Hang Ten

When I started blogging, there are people who've been curious on my attitude about shopping. There are these questions like "do you buy new clothes when you post a new outfit?", "are you brand conscious?", "how much do you spend on clothes?" and the like that I always get. I'm sure most of the bloggers would share the same sentiments with me. But the truth is, as much as I enjoy shopping, I don't enjoy spending my savings on purely clothes and clothes alone especially those that have an expiration date (trends). I usually just buy classic pieces and accessories and less of the trendy clothes. My reason is: I'm trying to be smart with money and I'm pushing my brain to be more creative, which both, (for me) are easier said than done. It's hard to do both at the same time. There are times when mix and matching clothes takes me a day and a half just to make sure the few pieces of clothing that I have in my closet would look like brand new altogether. It's pretty challenging, I must say.  

Just like in this new outfit that I wore to my HS barkada's Christmas get together, if it wasn't for the accessories, I almost wouldn't have been able to realize that I also wore the same top and skirt just like here in this post. The magic of mix and matching :)

Thank you to Azalea for taking my pictures

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