Term Ender!


I'm finally alive again in the blogging world! School has been my top priority for the past month and I  owe a lot to God and everyone else who were praying for me just to get through the term. I must say, my Christmas last year was totally different from how it is right now and I'm so thankful that God answered all of my prayers :)

Anyway, here's a blog post on how I spent my school term ender! ('cause it's time to celebrate the holiday break!) My college buddies and I went to Pico De Loro for our term ender and Christmas Party and I'm so sooooo happy I didn't back out lol

Went to Tali Beach first before heading to Pico De Loro. Tali Beach was able to let me cross out one item on my bucket list: Go Cliff Diving!

Our destination: Pico De Loro!!!!!!
Here are some tidbits of our quick Christmas escapade!

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