Summer in December


Sunnies: Les Moda Shorts: SM Department Store Shoes: Birkenstock
Ever since my teenage years started, I’ve always worn rash-guards to pools and beaches. I’ve always been conscious of my body because as you can see I’m not the skinny type. But everything changed when I had this quick escapade to the beach with my inner circle in college (link here about my Christmas escapade!) It’s like a whole new me was created, less conscious about my self image and I became happier. I guess it’s just one of those moments where you feel really accepted by those around you and you also feel the support they give you. This was really a big step for me because I loathed going anywhere with water that would be obligatory for me to wear cute swimsuits. I know there are some other girls who feel the exact same way. 

And what I can say to the others who are still conscious about their body, girls and boys it’s really just the people who you surround yourself with, perseverance and a matter of self-acceptance. 

(c) Ela Castro

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