Little by little


Top Folded & Hung Dress (used as skirt) Cotton On Cut out boots Zara Necklace SM Accessories  Watch (borrowed from sister) Daniel Wellington

The new year is just a few hours away and that means the holidays are soon going to be over. Soon, we're going to restart our lives may be it be in school, in our work or even in our homes. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and are still having a lovely time with them. Make sure to savor every single moment with your families especially with your beds because once 2015 hits, it's all going to be workdays already! I've been at home mostly during this season and it actually doesn't feel bad anymore. This just goes to show how I truly value my sleep and bed lol 

Kidding aside, I love how this outfit turned out to be! It's one of those moments when I'd imagine an outfit and it didn't look weird on me at all. For the past months I've been into lazy dressing, and I don't know if I winged it or not since I've gotten kinda sick of it already. I loved normcore dressing but the trend is just overused already (i think). I'm kind of over with my obsession with black and white combo and I hope this year I'd be playing more with colors.

Have requests or dares you want me to try/do for my outfit? Comment down below or you can go visit my! I really wanna hear from you guys! :)

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