For Just One Night


Philippines, being under the Spanish colony for more than 300 years makes me want to witness how much of their culture did they really pass on to my beloved country. That's why, if I were given a chance to travel abroad for just one night, I'd most probably go to Spain. Twenty hours in a foreign land maybe pretty short, and may seem like I won't be able to do tons of stuff there, but if it happens (hopefully, and hopefully to stay there longer than a day) I have a mini check list that I would most likely want to do while I stay there!

1.) To see the majestic buildings and churches that have been standing still for centuries

2.) To have a glimpse of their culture and how they preserve it. Like taste their food, take pictures of historical sites and to have a glimpse of their everyday lives
 Cotton On maxi skirt (used as dress), Stradivarius denim jacket, Charles and Keith Heels, Zara bag and necklace, Aldo sunnies

                4. And talk to them with their native language while I do all on my checklist!

For me, when going to another country it's a must that I know how I will communicate with the people there. It would be a big hassle if you don't how will you speak to the natives there! Learning a new language may seem pretty hard to do but I have a solution for that and it is through the translation services from Smartling! This site will really be of a big help to people who are going to travel abroad, and most especially to those who have businesses and wants to go global! They help you learn a new language, and translate small/large documents. Just sign up and request for a demo, to know and learn more how they do the translation.

Smartling, "Our translation software helps to translate whole websites and apps for businesses so they can better reach customers in different countries.To those who have a site for their business and wants it to be more recognized by others, Smartling could help you. Just send them anything that you want to be translated for your business' site and you're already good to go! Go to their site for more details of this amazing translation services that Smartling is offering.

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