If You Just Open Up Your Eyes


 The Ramp shirt, Zara pants, Payless shoes, Mango bag, not mine bowtie, Edge Co arm candies, Forever 21 sunnies

 Isn’t it funny how sometimes our plans don’t go the way we planned it out to be? I can’t keep count anymore of how much “yay-i-planned-out-things-perfectly-dundundun-watch-how-it-won’t-happen” kind of moments have already happened in my life. It just leaves me in awe (every single time), how I realize that I still haven’t mastered the art of not expecting when planning out things. Or just the art of not expecting. Idk. I’m sorry if I’m kind of ranting. I had a bad monday morning and I hope the rest of my mornings for the whole week won’t be as bad as today. :( My jaw totally dropped on the floor (of course only in my head) how nothing happened today, like literally. Nothing. I wasn’t able to do any on my to do list to day and.. I hmm, I’ll just keep the rest to myself. :))

Anyway, here’s what I looked like today. I kinda like how this turned out to be! What do you think about it? Comment down below! :)

hope you’ll have a great week ahead!
’til the next, thea<3

(c) my mom

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