Speed it Up


Zara shirt, Forever21 leather panelled leggings, gift necklaces, Stradivarius shoes, Mango bag, sister's watch

I really didn't have much to do in school on a Tuesday, so I'm posting right now something really laid back (didn't wear heels to school btw), or what they call at the latest trend right now as normcore.  I've been loving the normcore trend, really! It has been my favorite kind of style even way before it made as the top trend. Commuting is really hard but, obvi, that doesn't stop me from going to school in style, or should I say something that would really boost up my self confidence within the day. I believe in power dressing so that's what I have been doing most of the days in school. I don't really go out that much, so school has been one of my outlet to express myself through clothing. That is why I'm quite happy that normcore is finally becoming a trend right now since it's the easiest and most practical style during the crazy-zombie-apocalypse days in school. 

Hope you liked it! And thanks to my mom who took these pictures :)
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