Every Single Day


  Cotton On leggings and 3/4 shirt, Converse shoes, Topshop bag, Anne Klein watch. Forever 21 necklace

Wore this to school last thursday and I didn't regret wearing black and white again. However, slightly I apologize for wearing it on two consecutive blog posts, I'm just really not tired with them yet! The combination is classic and a life saver during the days when your head does not function very well :( Can't help but to abuse it. Anyway, I'm sorry for the hiatus. We're nearing towards the end of our term in school already. Going to brace myself for yet another sleepless nights and stressful days. I'm really praying hard this term ends great for me and hoping the same as well to everyone in school! 

I promise to post more interesting photos soon! I did a little shoot with one of my closest friend. Hope you'll watch out for it! :) btw, I have an exam and a thesis defense this week! Please pray for me? It would really mean the world to me :) 
Have a great week ahead! 
*Thanks to my mom who took these pictures


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