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Cold days are here again and sweaters are probably the most ideal thing to wear to school. Sweaters are love because you can pair it up with literally, anything. It's one of the easiest thing to wear to protect you from the cold. I usually stock up sweaters that can already speak on its own. Just like what I'm wearing, the details of it are already enough to standout by its own.

So as what you've noticed, I'm finally wearing a skirt again to school. I took a break from wearing pants to school and wore a skirt instead since some of my friends have already noticed that I don't wear skirts anymore. It's probably because of the strong winds, and the time when I got called by the D.O for the reason that the skirt looked too short on me. Bummer. But life is about taking risks, which means, I'll just have to unleash my inner ninja to hide from our Discipline Officers! (lol) Even if I'm just totally kidding, I'm still going to wear skirts, but of course, I'm going to be mindful of the length (good girl right here) and only wear it on days when it isn't very windy (well, for flowy skirts). I've recently given up on wearing skirts to school, for the obvious fact that it's easily blown away by the wind.

Zara top and bag, Cotton On skirt, Topshop slip ons

Thanks to my sister for taking my photos!

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  1. oh wow, your sweater ist so gorgeous. love the lenght and the color and print. perfect :-)

    xxx Tamina

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