No it Don't Breakeven


Cotton On top, Topshop pants, Forever21 necklce, Terranova cap, Vans shoes

Today was unusually hot despite the fact that it's already July. July is usually the time when the skies are almost always grey and most people would start wearing sweaters, jackets and rain boots. Not that I am hoping for the sky to relentlessly cry and get all gloomy but looking back, around this time of the year I would see a lot of wearing thick clothing already, I would be stressed on how cold it is in the classrooms of Andrew building, and how will I survive the day by not getting wet and damaging my shoes. 

I'm so glad I wasn't fooled by the gloomy skies earlier this morning. For the past few days, I kinda noticed that most of the time, it will be gloomy in the morning but the moment we reaches midday, it's going to be the "hot kind of torture", literally. It's going to get too hot and it's impossible not look haggard the entire afternoon. So my answer to the hot weather? Since our school's kind of strict with the dress code(no spaghetti straps and anything too see-through), and add the fact the i have huge arms ( insecurity :-( ), I wore a basic shirt, pants and of course shoes. That has always been my combo but I put a twist into it by adding a cute cap and accessories to not make it look boring, and look how I styled my shirt, I thought it would look weird at first but then I tried it and viola! It's not my favorite thing to do to spice up a shirt! Tuck in only the back portion of the shirt and do nothing with the front part. It's unusual and new! That's actually the key to styling an outfit, just be creative on how you're going to style it. Style it differently from others to do away with mediocrity and to start a new trend! It may look weird for some but there will always be a few people who are going to appreciate it. 

'til the next, thea<3

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