Start of a New Beginning


Today marks the day one of my last teen years. I still can't believe fast time went by and it was only yesterday that I realized that I'm not getting younger anymore. I was used to being the youngest in my peers since I got accelerated when I was younger plus I didn't have 7th grade in my high school (hello K-10 curriculum). Anyway, since my birthday wasn't on a school day, I decided to wear something unusual for school (I've been wearing the combo: pants + top + cardigan + flats  for my normal days) for me to feel special (Well despite being teased by everyone because I looked like a sensei lol)! But this kimono top is so beautiful I want to flaunt it around my second home :)

SM Department Store black tank top, Folded and Hung kimono, Topshop Joni jeans, Topshop flats, Mango bag

I've been staying away from skirts ever since the term started 'cause it's so windy and I'm a commuter. I love pants so much, especially this one from Topshop! I recently joined the Joni Jeans bandwagon and can I just say these have been the comfiest pants up do date and the only one that fits me so well! It's a bit pricey though, but I believe in the power of Topshop! 

Rainy season has officially started! Stay safe and dry :)
'til the next, 

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