Pray, Eat, Sleep


Blockmates! L-R: Jacque, Sab, Nur, Me, Clara, Joyce 


L-R: Sab, Jacque, Ela and I

Zara knitted sweater and pants, Anne Klein watch, Topshop flats

Just got back from Capuchin Retreat Center at Lipa, Batangas for my third recollection. Since it was in Batangas,  I thought it was going to rain and would be really cold, hence the sweater but, It wasn't that cold and it didn't rain.. But on the bright side, the heat was... bearable (at least for me). 

Anyway, sharing time! So I thought our third recollection which we call LASARE3, would just be like the first and second recollection we had during our previous years in college, but it was kind of different this time.  It was really fun and memorable! Capuchin Retreat Center was like a paradise. It was so relaxing there, surrounded by nature, away from the city, away from the problems. Wish it was longer, though. Nonetheless, I'm going to remember the experience since I got to meet new people, built closer relationships with friends (hi roomies + blockmates), and most especially, I got to reconnect with God again :) Made me realize being hard on yourself and your life would just push you farther away from God because you're forgetting that God has a will for you and that He loves you.

(c) Daniela Castro

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