It's a Yes, a No, No Maybe


Okay first of all, I apologize for the 'decorative' trash on my pictures. I was in a hurry that's why I wasn't able to notice the trash around, and the the pictures are too bright. I wasn't able to check if the photos are nice to look at or not. I'll try my best next time to find a nicer place to shoot my outfit photos and double check my pictures.

 Mint top, Sabellissima skirt, Forever 21 necklace, Cotton On jelly shoes

Okay, I'm kind of sad that this playground in our village has trashes everywhere.  I mean there are a lot of trash bins around the place but it seems that walking 20 steps towards the trash bin is a burden to some people. It's such a waste for us people, to be given complex minds but never seem to use it 100% all the time. I'm not perfect but I always TRY my best not to litter. I'm a sucker for nice surroundings and it's my number 1 pet peeve are those who can't keep their trash to their bags/ those who just throw it wherever they wanna throw it. I mean come on, can't you at least care for our dying earth? I'm sorry for the rant, but I'm really just disappointed with some people. 

Say HI to Yanni everyone!! Every since my baby sister started going to school, our mornings became busier! Everyone in our house needs to wake up early in the morning just for everyone of us to get her to school on time. Thank God I don't have morning classes because I'd be dead tired if I did due to lack of sleep!

Anyway, hope you liked this!!!
til next time, thea<3

(c) Andrea Miralles

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