Boyish Break


Bench shirt, Robinsons Dept. Store pants, Converse shoes, Forever21 sunnies, 
Anne Klein watch, China Glaze nail polish, Edge Co bracelets

Today was one of those days when I wanted to break away from looking too dainty and nice. So when I saw this shirt from my dad's closet, I grabbed it right away. I'm quite thankful that I fit into some of my dad's clothes because whenever I'm feeling lazy, I'd often find the perfect shirts in his closet that would be loose yet comfortable enough for me to wear. Not to mention that today was pretty darn hot and wearing a cardigan or anything long sleeves would be a no-no!

I've experienced the strongest earthquake in my entire life! I'm praying so hard that there will be no aftershocks :( Let's all take time to pray to our God (whoever your God may be) to make us all safe. Hope you guys are doing just fine!
'til the next, thea<3

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