Aaaand, I'm finally blogging again! I've been very lazy to update this for the past days mostly because of my never ending relationship with school and because of my self-esteem problems. Anyway, I am so relieved that sweater weather is going to stay a little longer (even if I hate being cold) because then I can just wear long sleeved clothing and cardigans. Who doesn't love sweater weather, anyway? With the climate we have, I'm sure most people are enjoying the cold breeze!

Crochet cardigan: Cache Cache Top: Kasheica Leggings: Forever 21 Flats: Gold Dot

I've recently read Lang Leav's book which is Love and Misadventures and it wasn't hard to fall in love with it. Everything she wrote on her book had my heart stabbed over and over again, refreshed painful memories and awakened every bit of me. I love everything in it and it got me so inspired to write poems again. I wanna share with you one of the poems I love the most:


"Shrinking in a corner,
pressed into the wall;
do they know I'm present,
am I here at all?

Is there a written rule book,
that tells you how to be
all the right things to talk about
that everyone has but me?

Slowly I am withering
a flower deprived of sun;
longing to belong to
somewhere or someone"

Hope you liked it,
'til the next, <3thea
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© Joyce Salting

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  1. Fabulous textures here! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC. Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

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