Little Things


One of the perks of having a sister is you have someone to share things with :) You have someone to talk about school, boy problems (lol), go to the mall with, help you with stuff and I think my favorite would be is that sisters let you borrow their stuff (HAHAHA). Kidding aside, It's just one of the little things I realize everyday and I'm really thankful that I have them in my life. I'm so happy I'm starting to value them more as each day passes by.

Didn't have time to take pictures outside so I have to settle for this. Sorry for the bad quality! 

 V-neck: Bench Skirt: Cotton On Vest: sister's Necklace: gift shoes: forgot :(

Found this pair of shoes in our attic earlier ,and I just had to wear it again. I forgot where It's from though, since it was my mom who bought it :( I loved this heels so much, it's so pretty and it's studded! My mom has great taste right?! I remember wearing this to my last prom. Studded heels were the bomb way back in 2010!

Last day of 2013 tomorrow, are you ready for the fireworks?! I am sooo ready 
'til the next, thea<3

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