Let's Get Lost at Sea


I've mentioned a few posts away that I had a shoot for an online shop, and this look is just one of my favorite looks from it. This is my first time to wear this kind of green. As you can see from my previous posts, if I'm not wearing black, I'm certainly wearing vibrant colors. So this is how I'm going to wear gloomy colors again... Just like how my friends always tell me, still girly and sparkly. 

I'm wearing Juiceified from head to toe! Go visit the shop now and look for some affordable finds :) 

Anyway, I'm so happy I can guiltlessly sleep for 10 hours straight! However, I think my mind is forever on school mode that before I sleep, I still panic a little bit.. that I maybe have a paper due tomorrow that apparently I still haven't done, review something or just simply have to wake up at 5am again throwing me back to Zombie Wonderland again. I don't know if it's just me.. Are you feeling it too? Do you love sleep as much as I do? Hahaha, ok, I think I've overly shown how much I love sleeping in this post. 

Happy sleeping!
'til the next, <3 thea

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