Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway


To cap off the last days of 2013, I spent it by having an unexpected trip with few of my high school batchmates by going to Sky Ranch Tagaytay. I knew it was going to be cold there, but I didn't know it was going to be colder.  I wish I did layering to match the coldness of Tagaytay, haha the title of this post isn't really true since it bothered us, very much :( hahaha

Sweater: Forever 21 Shorts, bracelets, and earrings: gift Scarf: Cotton On Shoes: Shoebox

   We only got to ride Vikings since we couldn't stand lining up for another hour just to ride the Ferris Wheel, plus we were all chilling already, so we decided to just go on a roadtrip and eat :D Here's some of our photographs during our trip.
our entrance tickets! :)

Sky Eye

me and zaira <3 
i wanted to ride them :(

i swear, i think this is the nicest photo we have. all photos are either wacky or TMTH lol.  U: Carl, Luis, Mike D: Me, Zaira and Throopie. *hi to Darence who were also with us but sadly didn't get to be in the pictures :( :))
Seriously love nights like this! Unexpected and filled with laughter. Hope to have many more of this in 2014!! Ohhh and btw, Special thanks to my mom for letting me go, hahaha I love you so much mommy, the distance of moon and earth is not enough :* hihi (hi mom)

Credits to Zaira, Carl and Luis for taking these pictures :)
til the next! <3 thea

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