Christmas Day


Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's our favorite day of the year again when people are with their loved ones, happy children receiving gifts from their ninongs and ninangs, and most importantly, when we can all pig out without hesitation. Haha, I know these things just few lovely reminders that we are blessed are we are loved by those who are around us, but I hope we still haven't forgotten about the true meaning of Christmas.. That Jesus Christ was born so we could all be saved. :) 

Denim top: Next Jeans Dress: Forever 21 Flats: Shoebox Bracelet: gift

So, anyway, I had a shoot just about a week ago with a good friend Lloyd Labra, and I really love how the photos turned out to be! :) I actually wore this outfit to Zedd's concert last December 12 before our deadly finals. Wanted to deviate away from all the black and white that's going to fill the whole arena that's why I opted for a denim + floral outfit. Plus I was so stressed in school so I shooed away gloomy colors. Dressing punky, grungy and sexy would be a no-no to my stressed brain. I can't even begin how stressed I was during the last days of the term.. Exams everywhere, I'm just so thankful it's all over and now I can finally marry my bed! Lol

Ok, I know I am a few hours late for greeting you all a Merry Christmas but I hope all of you had or still having a great Christmas!

A big thank you to Lloyd Labra for taking these photos!
Hope you liked it, 'til the next! <3thea

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