Yolo Weekend


HI GUYS! I know I know I have been inactive for the past month and my lame excuse for that is school and my suckish schedule :( It has been really hectic and there's no one to take my outfit photos.. And I.. really don't have anytime. But i promise to make up for it!! I'm going to blog about my "yolo" vacation last week :) 

So yeah, last week, my family and I (except for my dad 'cause he's not here as of the moment) went to our province in Leyte. I haven't been there for the past 13 years (?) and it's only now that I realized how beautiful the place is. It's so peaceful there and there's this place which is just really beautiful to take pictures at but I didn't get to go there since there was no time left, we were all so busy preparing for my tita's wedding :) But I hope the next time we go there, it won't just be a "yolo" weekend, it would be a vacation haha! I call it yolo weekend 'cause you know, it's already midterms week and there i was sleeping and eating at a peaceful place and completely neglecting my duties as a student plus I forgot to bring my school work, so it was errr. Hahaha, but it's okay, I had fun seeing my relatives whom I haven't seen for so long!

Here's an outfit post! I wore this because I knew the heat was going to be unbearable the time we land, and i was right. It was so hooot, I was sweating everywhere I go and so this outfit was just right :)

Vest: I forgot already Top: Terranova Shorts: SM Dept. Store Sandals: Forever 21 watch and arm candies: gift Sunnies: Aldo

Didn't get to post this on the day itself cause there was no internet there.. I probably won't survive without internet. It's like oxygen.... Hahaha kidding :( :) Anyway, sorry for my poor editing skills :( But I hope these'll do for now! 

Hope you liked this post :) 'til the next!
<3 thea

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