"On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink"


It's the start of endless exams again, really hate this period of every term! I really don't know how i survived the past two years of my life in DLSU. Twenty four hours a day is not enough because every requirement's scheduled on the same day all at once. Times like this, you'd completely freak out and stress over which subject to prioritize first.
Anyhoowz, I haven't had a good sleep for days now because I had exams for my majors on two consecutive days, so I apologize for being extra pale on the photos. :(

So here's my outfit post for today! I wore this two days ago, and since I recently bought pink specs for my laboratory class, I thought, why not have a mean girls inspired look? I've been watching Mean Girls over and over again since October 3rd and, there is never a time when I got bored of it. I love every bit of it. The lines, the cast, basically the whole plot, especially Regina George. Not that I wanna be like her in real life or anything, Rachel McAdams is just too good in acting! She's one of my fave actresses of all time, and she really did a good job being Regina. You know what Cady said.. She's the barbie doll we've never had ;)

Top: Cotton On Pants and belt : Forever21 Flats: Mellissa Bag: Zara Specs: Bench

And here was the highlight of my day! Catching up with this sick girl (on the picture, hi mummeh Joyce) last week + my other girlfriends! Apparently we only saw each other for a few minutes because we all had different classes. It's always so nice to be with your friends, especially when your head feels like being pressed like it's already tribulation period. Hahaha, my braces can be so stressful sometimes.. 

Btw,  happy halloween you guys! I won't be able to go to any Halloween Party this year but hopefully next year! I guess this Mean Girls themed outfit would have to do to be my costume for the Halloween.. at home? Kidding! But have fun to those who are partying tonight :)

Hope you liked this,
'til the next, thea<3

(c) Joyce Salting

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