It's the last sunday for the month of October and as usual, for my family, sundays are always spent in church. I didn't wear girly clothes just like this to church when I was younger, usually I would just wear what my mom wants me to wear, like top and jeans. So ever since college, this is how you'll always see me in church. I usually take advantage of sundays because that's the only day when I can really wear skirts and be all girly, because usually, since I commute it's not very advisable to wear skirts. 

Anyway, I'm just so relieved now that ever since I went to college, she'd already let me wear the clothes that I want. Hahaha, I'm sure we've all been through that and it's part of growing up and learning. Both for our mothers and ourselves.  

Sometimes, we just have too decide for ourselves,  may that be decision be stupid or right, may it cause our hearts pain or give butterflies in our stomach, every decision entails something, and it's up to us if we're going to take it positively or negatively. Ok, that was out of the topic but, dressing up has always been a big part of me. If I don't like what I'm wearing, I'm going to feel uncomfortable the whole day, but if I do like what I'm wearing, the world is a better place for me (after all the stress), I feel like for a day, I already did something good for myself for the day. :) Not that I base my happiness on it, though. Of course there are still other kinds of elements why I'm happy, like my family, friends, God and etc.

 Top: The Ramp Shoes: Charles and Kieth  Belt: Forever21 Skirt: mom bought it :)

It's monday tomorrow and classes are suspended for me because of Baranggay elections! Hooray, got more time to do school stuff aka to cram haha kidding. Btw, i got my title from Bastille's song, Oblivion. It's a good song, come one listen to it! :)

Hope you liked it, 
til the next, thea<3

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