Never Shall We Fail


UAAP Season 76 was something all Lasallians would always remember, because at last, after five (?) years, DLSU's Basketball team won again! It was actually my first time to watch a basketball game and I thought we were going to lose! That's why I couldn't be any happier the moment our team caught up with the game at the 3rd and 4th quarter. One of the reasons why it's my first time to watch is because  I'm very emotional when watching games. It's just too stressful for me to the point that I cry and laugh at the same time, even just watching on TV (I'm sure fans of basketball can totally relate to this!) I think I'd rather watch a horror film instead of basketball haha :(. 

Anyway, I was supposed to watch live but there were no good tickets left for me anymore and most of my friends already have tickets and dates for the game. Sucks, but yeah there's always a next time! So since the Archer's won.. DLSU held a victory party and we were asked to wear green or white last Thursday, and here's what I came up with.

I wanted to deviate away wearing the combo tshirt+pants/skirt  since I'm going to look like 50% of the girl's population in school during the day since cause we all still had classes. It's weird for me to be wearing the exact clothes with some of my classmates and other girls passing by me haha :( (Btw, I took these photos in Leyte, 'cause I had no time to take outfit photos during the day.)

Photobomber :( haha Hi kuya! 

Cardigan: from the states Top: forgot already :( Skirt: Sabellisima Sunnies: Aldo Earrings and Sandals: Forever21 

Since the heat was already unbearable, I finally changed into a Lasalle shirt. There were too many people and the last thing I wanted to do is to spend the whole party wearing long sleeves. I spent the night with my lovely friends, my sister and my sister's friends, Shad and Rica :)

It was really a fun victory party, ANIMO LA SALLE! :)

Hope you liked it, 
'til the next, <3thea 

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