Thursday Skirt Day


Floral Top: Kashieca Skirt: Bazaar Cardigan: from the states Earrings: Forever21 Belt: Forever21 Shoes: Melissa Bag: from my tita

I know I have stated from my previous blog post that you'd always see me wearing pants because of my laboratory classes, but I just realized that I don't have lab classes every thursday! So I can totally wear skirts every Thursday :) What most girly girls love about skirts is that you can freely move around without having to pull up something and worry if it's too tight or too loose. And yes, as a girly girl, that is one of my reasons! But during this season, my main reason is that I won't have to worry about swimming in the flood whenever it rains. I know, I know, some people might say it's harder to wear skirt during rainy days, especially for commuters like me) but I actually feel the opposite. Well because, one I don't have to worry about my pants getting all wet. It's easier for the legs to get wet because it dries up faster, second I don't have to fold anything, because normally people fold their pants up to the middle of their legs so the pants don't get wet. And of course, yes because it's easier to move around. These shoes from Melissa are my bestfriends, I don't know what to do without them (esp because of our bipolar weather) it goes well with everything.

This outfit actually reminds me about doctors, because of the white cardigan. It looks like a laboratory gown.. And it's weird...because it makes me imagine of my future self when I become a doctor (hope so! hahaha) But of course, with more mature clothes since I look like a school girl in this outfit. Btw, my top looks like peplum top but it's not! I kinda tweaked it to give a more polished look and paired it up with  these cute earrings which I got for only less than 100php! I love sales!! I have to be careful about what I wear to school since the guards and DO are so strict with rules :( So I'll just have to be more creative with my outfits next time without having the guards and DO to catch me.

Hope you liked it (and all the guards who'll see me in school LOL i kid)!

'til the next, thea<3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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