Something Sparkly, Something Comfy


It's that time again when it's raining cats and dogs all over the Philippines, and for me, this year the rain has been reaaaalllly bipolar. Yesterday, every after 5 minutes, the rain would be hard and it would turn into a drizzle and then it would rain hard again and the cycle goes on and on and on. It felt like the rain was playing with it's On/Off Switch, really weird and very hassle for a commuter like me! I can just imagine how hard commuting will be for me (and of course the others) during the next months.

Although this rain is a complete pain in the butt, of course it has its advantages. One, because I can use all of my sweaters and jackets. I looove dressing comfortably and love wearing standout pieces because honestly, I don't really have to put that much effort in dressing up anymore because I have something that could already speak out for itself.

 Just like this favorite sweater of mine from Forever21, it's everything rolled into one! It's comfortable, and stand out since it's sparkly. I felt like a disco ball when I wore it since it attracted so many eyes! Hahaha, it's so funny because I think it's too sparkly that it draws people's eyes... But I love it very much, I'm cray about shiny stuff! I didn't put accessories anymore because I think it would be over the top already.

This is the second time I wore this (since its sequins are just too delicate and I wanna let it live longer inside my closet) and this time, I paired this with boots! Second reason why I love rainy days is that I could actually wear boots without people having to mentally kill me with their judgmental stares.. Hahaha! Kidding. But seriously... I just get so intimidated of the stares and let it  drop even more my low self-esteem. LOL, gotta work on that one!

Sweater: Forever21 Shorts: The Overruns Store Boots: Call It Spring

Hope you liked it!

'til the next, thea<3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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