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Awkward Face. lol 

I went to school today for our Microbiology make-up class and I wanted to make the most out of it by wearing a skirt (since, well you know my thing about laboratory classes).  I really enjoy our school the most every summer term and fridays, 'cause usually most of the people in our school don't have classes. Not that I don't like most people of my school to the point where I don't want them to go to school anymore, But.. well it's just that, I think one would really appreciate the cleanliness of our school , despite the fact that it's along the polluted kingdom of Taft Avenue. It's really relaxing there and you'll always feel this sea breeze that makes you relaxed (despite having terror professors lol) when you're at Henry Sy Bldg, walking along the grasses or just simply sitting on the benches there (for my co-sleepyheads, it's not embarrassing to sleep anywhere lol). However, I didn't to enjoy these two things that I am most fond of today. The sea breeze (along with rain) was making my skirt fly like a flag up in the air, plus I wasn't wearing any scrunchie so my hair was also all over my face! I couldn't see the pathways and I didn't know what to hold first, my hair or my flying skirt. And to make it all much much much much much much worse, I was commuting. That was the very first time I felt the hassle of wearing a skirt while commuting and it's really disappointing. 

Top: Bayo Skirt: gift from a friend Accessories: Edge Co Heels: Shoes by Trias

But anyway, there's always a first time for everything. All we need to do is to gear up for the succeeding surprises of life and wear cycling shorts when wearing skirts, lol. One of the most essential things for girls! Onto my outfit, this skirt was given to me as a gift by one of my dearest friends (hi Aira). She knows how I've been obsessing over skater skirts last summer, so she gave me skater skirts for my birthday. Heehee, it's always nice to know that some people cares enough to take note on what you love/like/hate. Don't you love the color of this skirt? I'm in love with it very much! It's playful and so young. Solid colors are always best to pair with prints because it can emphasize every details in an outfit. Just like in this outfit, since my skirt has a plain bold color and a neon touch to it, I paired it with an aztec print top. Both complimented each other very well :) 

I wore minimal accessories since I'm really conscious about the number of accessories that I wear. I still don't know why, but I'm still trying and learning to incorporate them in my outfits. Maybe because when I put on many accessories, I feel like I may have overdone my outfit or something? I really don't know, maybe I'll figure it out next time.

Hope you liked it! by the way, listen to Sentimental Seeker by Sally Seltmann! She has very nice songs :)

'til the next, thea<3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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