Second Term


Today marks the 2nd term for us Lasallians, and I'm already stressed about school. Fixing up your own schedule can give you the power to choose how your life's going to be for the whole term, you may opt for what they call a "chill" term or a "hassle" term.. But as for me, I think the world wants me to really give all my time for academics since my schedule was never chill! Well there was one chill term, but every term is hassle for me :( But I guess this is one of the many side effects of majoring in Biology, I need to give every bit of me for this course, and I will finish it and go to med school, ha! Positive energy only, kill all of ze negative vibes!

Jumper: Topshop Button Down: Bershka Earrings: Forever 21 Shoes: SM Department Store

Anyway, about this outfit.. people have really different opinions about this jumper. Some people thought it was so cute, some people got annoyed :( *Ehem, hi Joyce!* But I LOOOOVE this jumper!! I've always been a fan of jumpers and I'm so happy I bought this. 
I paired this up with a floral button down and loafers. My friend Julienne, said it reminded her of a farm girl.. and I was really going for that! Hahaha, I really like the farm girls in old animes, like Anne of the Green Gables and i think I saw Judy Abbott had the same outfit in the Daddy Long Legs animation? Oops, am I talking historical figures now? Hahaha, as a kid, I loved those shows! Well clearly it was really the only shows on TV but.. They were great, right? :( Hahaha!

Hope you liked farm girl thea!
'til the next, thea <3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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  1. Gorgeous look! i love it!
    You have a new follower! :)


    1. awww thanks so much!! i'll follow back as well :)