No Love Allowed


And the intense rain strikes back again! Our classes got cancelled today because of the downpour of the rain and it's literally been raining for idk, 24 hrs already? So floods everywhere again! :( I'm currently writing this blog post alone inside my pitch black room, it's only 5 in the afternoon and it feels like it's 8 in the evening already! My professor in Ecology last term, Dr. Wilfredo Licuanan (one of my favorite!!!) said that this kind of weather might be the new "normal" for the Philippine weather because of the drastic change of our climate. It's pretty sad since there are a lot of people who are affected by this, families whose houses are located in low areas and also those who even has none., But needless to say, these floods are happening because there's nothing to sip the water anymore.. There are less plants and trees, however more establishments and cemented places. Ok, I know I look super affected about this one, but last term because of Ecology, I developed this "attention" and "care" to what's happening to our climate and environment. I can say I am lucky to be a part of a class under Dr. Licuanan. Usually I would just stop then stare and go on with my life without caring about our crazy environment.
   Let's just keep praying to God that this rain would stop already and that this would be the last one for this year (or should I say for a reaaaally long time) :( Anything works in prayer, tested and proven! :)

I really like how this outfit turned out to be edgy! I was just originally going for a chill outfit. This reminds me of Rihanna! I recently developed likeness for her ever since I heard her sing Diamonds on The Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Hearing her sing made me want to pursue a singing career lol I'm thinking of repeating it again since I'm not usually seen in an edgy chic outfit. Some of my friends have branded me as very girly and I think this is kind of the opposite. 

I love how my hair sometimes appear to be brown and black on my photos, I have my mom's genes to thank for it! 

Ok first, hi pata legs! hahaha I super love the details of these shorts, which I bought without really thinking! LOL, In instantly fell in love with the beads on it that's why I quickly got it right away! Don't you love my spiked bracelet from Edge Co? I'm nuts over it! I feel like incorporating it with all of my outfits because it gives this added glam. Edge Co has so many pretty accessories, go check them out :)

 I have a thing for stuff that are sparkly.. I still have dresses which I haven't worn that look like disco balls. I'm still waiting for the right time when I can wear them so I can share it with you guys how I will style it :)

Top: Terranova Shorts: Bershka Bracelet: Edge Co Heels: People are People Necklace: Forever 21

I wish I can wear heels like this everyday. It's empowering and elongates my short legs :( lol

Anyway, hope you are having a good evening! Keep dry and stay safe

'til the next, thea<3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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  1. Gosh, no school because of rain? Crazy! It must be raining like crazy! However, I hope it stops, I guess it's kinda hard for the people who got now home! And about the outfit: You look amazing! The JC Litas are really cool :)

    1. yeah!! it was raining like crazy! it's really one of the problems here in the Philippines :( awww thanks so much!!! i know right? i love theeem! so sparkly :) xx

  2. Trusty JC's xxx