Make the Flowers Pop


Kimono: Folded and Hung Shorts: Bershka White Tank Top: Hollister Earrings: Forever 21

Hi everyone! First of all, let me talk about my outfit. I wore this very chill outfit when I hung out with a friend of mine. It was really hot that's why I wore shorts, but then covered up my arms with this kimono top just so that I wouldn't show too much skin and so I could cover up my huge arms :(
Any tips on how I could slim it down? Hahaha! 
Anyway, don't you think this Kimono Top from F&H so pretty?! I believe it can be worn in so many ways! This kimono top, if I must say is a combination of style + comfort + it gives a romantic feel. The flowery details adds spice to its monochrome feel, hence the black outlines of it. It gives a romantic vibe so to all the girls out there, this kimono top can totally worn on a date or a fancy dinner with family. Go buy yourself one? Sale is pretty much around the corner again :) 

Btw, just a little story behind this kimono top: I had to beg my mom to buy it for me because she thinks it's a funny looking piece of clothing and It looks like a robe :( haha, but then at the end, she gave in since she knows I have a personal style and she trusts it.
Hope you liked it!

'til the next <3, thea.

(c) Julienne Banogon

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