Let's Go To Sleep


Denim Polo: Topshop Tank Top: Hollister Pants: Terranova Heels: Bershka

You guys are probably wondering why the title is "let's go to sleep".. Well, it's because of my pants! It reminds me so much of the the PJ's we use during bedtime and it is soooooo unbelievably comfortable. Swear, this has been the comfiest pants I have ever worn in my entire life.  Usually I have problems with the normal jeans/pants that I wear, 'cause usually it doesn't fit right, it's too long, too fit along my thigh area.. Those kind of problems? I'm sure you guys are with me on this? hahaha! 

But even though it's so comfy, I was hesitating to buy this when I saw it on the rack because I was scared it wouldn't fit nicely or it wouldn't look good on me. But when I tried it with these heels from Bershka, wow! It totally made a new impression to me and I think I'll buy one again. Heels really do wonders to any kind of outfit.With heels, everything can go from dull to glamorous! Especially with this kind of pants and if you're not that tall (I only stand 5'1 ft tall :( ) it's better to wear it with heels so that you wouldn't look too short :)
About the denim polo, I used this denim polo just to cover my arms... again. But denim polo's really a good cover up  for any outfit, it's really nice to invest on good denim polos because you can goooo a looong way with it + it kinda goes very well to any outfit! Although, I will probably start wearing sleeveless tops without hesitation when my arms get thin already? Hahaha, promise to work on that and be more creative with my tops! :)

Anyway, hope you liked it!

'til the next, thea <3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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  1. Your pants are so cute... i want one :) great look !