Harmony to my Heartbeat


So, before one of my dearest friends (and also photographer haha) Julienne goes to Japan for the Exchange Student Program she joined in, we had a photoshoot and it lasted all day long! Hahaha, it was our way of bonding since we're going to be separated (country terms) for six months! It's one of her dreams so I'm very happy for her :) However, since she's gonna be away for six months.. No more awesome photographer for me for six months :( Hahaha! [Plez kambak oreddi lol]

I went for pastel colors and covered up using a denim polo to give out a street style vibe. I wanted to street style since I've always been girly and still added "thea" touch to it by going for pastel colors. And well another is that, I wanted to match my outfit with my new flower crown hence the pink top and mint green shorts. So about the heels... I got tired of wearing it already so I just wore these Keds sneakers! Plus, most people in my village were already staring at me so, I had to minimize the stares and toned down my outfit by wearing sneaks! 

Sorry about my super duper happy face! I get really giddy when I'm with friends and when trying out new things. Anyway, this is my favorite denim polo! Don't you just love the details of it at the back? Actually, this is the second appearance of it here on my blog.. And I think you'll be seeing it a lot more. Check out how I'll style it in different ways on my future posts! :)

Don't you just love my flower crown? I've been obsessing over super cute flower crowns and I'm so happy that my friend's selling super adorable ones! Follow them on instagram @littlethings_ph!! I swear I'm in love with every flower crown she creates! She customizes flower crowns too and sells affordable cute things like washi tapes, cute pens, paper maches and a lot more. Go visit her shop and get your own little things now! :)

Denim Polo: Topshop Shirt: Forever21 Shorts: The Overrun Store Sneakers: Keds Heels: Shoes by Trias Flower Crown: Little Things Ph (@littlethings_ph) Bracelet and necklace: gift 

Anyway, just something I want to share not fashion related.. It's really hard to work on something you really want to do or something that really makes you happy if you don't have the support of the most important people in your life. Right? I mean, if they can't even be happy about what you are and what you do, how will you attain the contentment that entails life long happiness? Sadness gets to you and you feel useless. I am certainly not ranting, but there's really this issue about myself and I hope that God would work on it. I'm tired of feeling bad about myself and I feel so lost every time I try to be happy.

Hope you liked it and this issue of mine would get resolved!
'til the next, thea

(c) Julienne Banogon

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  1. sneakers thea ah ah!! :) that's new :p -jacque

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. thank you so much. most definitely! let's follow each other there xx :)