Flower Child


Vest: Robinson's Department Store White Tank Top: Hollister Belt: Forever 21 Maxi Skirt: Cotton On Flower Crown: A'postrophe Shoes: SM Department Store

I've been wanting to try out a flower child peg and here I am! I was so happy when I went inside A'postrophe and saw their flower crowns! So I quickly had to get one myself because I don't usually see stores selling flower crowns that suit my taste. Sure there are very pretty ones from Anagon and other stores, but online shopping usually entails so much time because you have to actually go to the bank, line-up and wait for your turn. If I had all the time in the world, I would totally abuse my rights of online shopping but I don't. Being a Biology major in a trimestral University... I go around all the time singing to the song of Flo Rida "I cry".
Here's my version "Oh no too many exams, I cry just a little bit... and i cri a bit more" HAHAH ok. Sorry if I lack humor. But seriously, sometimes I question myself why I went to La Salle... and my dream of becoming a doctor! 

Anyway, about my outfit, I actually have two firsts in this outfit. This is my very first time to wear a maxi skirt and a flower crown. I was very anxious back then about my height and did not bother trying maxi dresses/skirts so I stocked up with pants and short skirts. I thought wearing it with a flower crown would give a good outcome so... I think and hopefully both went well together? (hope so!) 
I really like this outfit because gives off this very girly and magical aura and it reminds me of the pretend plays I had with my best friends. We loved fairies and princesses and all those under genre of Fantasy.
Doesn't the outfit remind you of it too? :) 

'til the next, thea <3
(c) Julienne Banogon

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