Dreaming of White and Gold


Top: Forever 21 Pants: Forever21 Shoes: People are People Bangle: Forever 21 Necklace: Bazaar

Hi guys!! I'm on top of ze world!!! Hahaha, ok. I'm just at our rooftop, as you can see in the background, it's all roofs and cemented walls. I kind of deviated away from the garden background so that my pictures would have variation. Our house is still kind of under renovation so please excuse the gray walls. 
This is what I wore to school today, sooo YAY ME for posting a new outfit post! School has just started however, due to the heavy workload I have for this term, it feels like It has been a month already ever since the term started . I have 4 majors this term that is why I need to study harder and give my full attention to it, so I apologize If I haven't been posting anything for a while :(. But even if I had less than 4 majors, I would still  study hard, to make my parents proud, hihihi (hi mom and dad). 

Anyway about this outfit..... I've always liked pairing white with gold. It really gives this neat, classy and effortless look. If I had all the clothes in the world, this is the type of clothes you'd see me in always. I really love outfits like this, 'cause again it's clean and there's nothing much going on so most of the details are always emphasized. And of course, I did not wear these sky high heels to school! I don't have the strength to ignore all the stares I will be getting if I wear this to school, I just wore it to give life to my pictures and glam it up. Hahaha, but if I do have the strength, I so would. 

This term, if I should name it, would be my "no-skirt" term since most of my classes are laboratory classes we are can't wear anything but pants, since more skin would only mean high chances of accidents. In my course, we are always dealing with these really dangerous equipments and reagents (not to mention most are pretty pricey) that's why as much as possible, we should only wear comfortable clothes. So if ever you see me in school or if ever you're reading my blog, you're always gonna see me in pants (except for Fridays 'til Sundays hihihi) 

Hope you liked this post! I'll try my very best to always update. :)

'til the next, thea<3

(c) Julienne Banogon

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