by Alethea Miralles on Sunday, 3 May 2015

Terranova top Zara TRF skirt SM Accessories bag Forever 21 shoes and necklace

Hey guys! How've you been?! I've been watching series since last week. Gosh, I haven't felt like this for months! Spent a lot of time studying and stressing out on exams and how to pass my majors. So glad my hell weeks have finally come to an end! Anyway, nothing really huge happening in my life right now except for the fact that I'm ALMOST done with undergrad!!! Can you believe it?! I've been taking a loooot of time in undergrad but I just want to get done with it. I'm so happy that I'm already finished with all of my science and education courses which means.. I can finally take my practicum on August! Crossing fingers I'd do great during my practicum and my students will love me! Hahaha, no bullies please!

Anyway, about the outfit.. It was a breather for me to be in girly pieces again. It's like a new life after the darkness lol. All the stress that my course has given me for the past months has taken the sunshine out of me, and not to mention my creative juice. I'm in love right now with jacquard skirts with fun prints. This skirt was love at first sight for me, so I'm warning all of you now that you might see it several times here on my blog haha! Since it had an ethnic vibe, I paired it up with this necklace that also had the same ethnic feel :) I had fun wearing this outfit while roaming around Tagaytay, which btw in heels, of course! The chunky heel didn't really hurt my feet at all, it was just the right height and looks classy.

Anyway, hope to post a looot here now that I'm on break!
<3 thea

One Last Time

by Alethea Miralles on Monday, 9 March 2015

Hey guys!!! How've you all been?! Haven't been on here for quite some time now, but not blaming anything (specifically school related) 'cause I'm quite enjoying my courses this term! Hope I don't jinx anything though. Anyway, Here I am with lazy dressing, again. I'm not sure if  it's going to be a "one last time" kind of thing. (Lol did you see my pun there? Love Ariana so much!) My lazy dressing already came to a point that I already grabbed something from the men's section while shopping because I just love how big and comfy their clothes are, when I wear them! Pretty sure you'll see me mostly in these kind clothes in school.  

It's beginning to be so hot again —yay for summer!!!! I just wanna be in shirts and cute shorts, while walking anywhere! Hoping I'd go somewhere new with my friends this summer. But for now... I have to start facing the genius book by Widmaier, Haff, and Strang aka my Physiology book!

Top: Topman Pants: Terranova Heels: Stradivarius Necklace: Bazaar (Bedazzle) Sunnies: Aldo 

'til next!