The Magic Stays With You

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As part of my baby sister's birthday celebration, my family and I went to Enchanted Kingdom since our little princess wanted to ride a Ferris Wheel for her birthday :) I miss being a child, seriously. Everything is so simple, problems are only composed of what toys do you want to play for the day, what food do you want to eat and most especially, and many more but my favorite among all is that Math was only about addition and subtraction haha :(

Top and shoes: Cotton On, Shorts: gift Necklace: Forever 21 Sunnies: Urbanoutfit Manila 

Here's my outfit for Enchanted Kingdom! I wanted to semi-"cover" my whole body but I know it isn't possible with the Philippines' summer heat, so I just wore shorts and a loose shirt. Added a necklace since the whole outfit itself won't be boring. :)

Here's our little princess, Yanni!! She turned 4 last monday :)

 Mom was too busy taking pictures so she's not inlcuded in most of our photos :(

 Enchanted Kingdom was a lot of fun 'cause it took me to a place far away from stress. The rides are still awesome, but the most favorite part of EK was the Pagpag Haunted House, but sadly.. Daniel Padilla didn't appear inside.. :( lol I kidd.

til the next, super missed blogging!!!



 Aaaand, I'm finally blogging again! I've been very lazy to update this for the past days mostly because of my never ending relationship with school and because of my self-esteem problems. Anyway, I am so relieved that sweater weather is going to stay a little longer (even if I hate being cold) because then I can just wear long sleeved clothing and cardigans. Who doesn't love sweater weather, anyway? With the climate we have, I'm sure most people are enjoying the cold breeze!

Crochet cardigan: Cache Cache Top: Kasheica Leggings: Forever 21 Flats: Gold Dot

I've recently read Lang Leav's book which is Love and Misadventures and it wasn't hard to fall in love with it. Everything she wrote on her book had my heart stabbed over and over again, refreshed painful memories and awakened every bit of me. I love everything in it and it got me so inspired to write poems again. I wanna share with you one of the poems I love the most:


"Shrinking in a corner,
pressed into the wall;
do they know I'm present,
am I here at all?

Is there a written rule book,
that tells you how to be
all the right things to talk about
that everyone has but me?

Slowly I am withering
a flower deprived of sun;
longing to belong to
somewhere or someone"

Hope you liked it,
'til the next, <3thea
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© Joyce Salting

Let It Go


For the past month, everyone has been going crazy about the movie Frozen. I've been hearing people sing their soundtracks, seeing memes of Queen Elsa, pictures of cutie Olaf and a lot more. Well I can't really blame them because the movie's just sooo nice! I cried every time Anna sings and goose bumps everywhere when Elsa created her ice castle. Sorry if this is kind of a spoiler to the people who still haven't watched the movie.. i promise that's all I'm going to say and I suggest you watch it now! 

I learned so much from the movie. I know it's a kiddie movie and it doesn't really have a deep plot, but I guess most people, if not always, learn from the things that are actually just right in front of them. No need of thinking and looking deep, waiting for signs,  (which by the way doesn't CLEARLY work for me, because I'm the type of person who gets lost when pressured to think deeply) because the answer is right in front of them already. All they need to learn (including me of course) is to just accept it 'cause I believe that nothing is coincidence in this world, everything is connected :)

Top: Terranova Skirt: thrifted Shoes: Charles and Keith Necklace: Forever 21 Bracelet: SM

2013 has been really bipolar for me, nevertheless, I am grateful for everything, to everyone that has ever happened to me and crossed paths with. I'm very thankful for those my friends, new friends, few acquaintances and those who aren't still my friends, who all gave me hope with their simple acts when everything seemed so crazy in my life. Small acts give the most impact (that's mostly the highlight of my year lol). And for the challenges I have surpassed in 2013, and those that are still waiting for me for the year 2014, uhm… Hahaha, I know it'll all be worth it in God's time. 

See? A simple movie just helped me create a very long post! It's a reminder for us that life does not always need to be complicated for us to learn… Most of the time, it just really needs to be simple. Learn from all experiences, let it go and apply. That simple. Learn not to dwell on the past and things we can't get a hold of, instead.. Yeah, I should probably learn that this coming year :p

I hope you guys are having a great year ender!! May your 2014 be filled with God's blessings and be fun! 

© Lloyd Labra

Little Things

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One of the perks of having a sister is you have someone to share things with :) You have someone to talk about school, boy problems (lol), go to the mall with, help you with stuff and I think my favorite would be is that sisters let you borrow their stuff (HAHAHA). Kidding aside, It's just one of the little things I realize everyday and I'm really thankful that I have them in my life. I'm so happy I'm starting to value them more as each day passes by.

Didn't have time to take pictures outside so I have to settle for this. Sorry for the bad quality! 

 V-neck: Bench Skirt: Cotton On Vest: sister's Necklace: gift shoes: forgot :(

Found this pair of shoes in our attic earlier ,and I just had to wear it again. I forgot where It's from though, since it was my mom who bought it :( I loved this heels so much, it's so pretty and it's studded! My mom has great taste right?! I remember wearing this to my last prom. Studded heels were the bomb way back in 2010!

Last day of 2013 tomorrow, are you ready for the fireworks?! I am sooo ready 
'til the next, thea<3

Church Girl

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Dress: Topshop Belt: Cache Cache Heels: Charles and Keith Necklace: Bazaar Bracelet: SM Accessories 

It has always been my joy to dress up for church since it's the only day wherein I am required to wear a dress. Plus, I like seeing my mom smile when I dress up for sundays 'cause it's the only day we both agree on what I wear (HAHAHA) :p

How was your sunday? Hope you had a blessed one :)

til the next, thea<3

Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway

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To cap off the last days of 2013, I spent it by having an unexpected trip with few of my high school batchmates by going to Sky Ranch Tagaytay. I knew it was going to be cold there, but I didn't know it was going to be colder.  I wish I did layering to match the coldness of Tagaytay, haha the title of this post isn't really true since it bothered us, very much :( hahaha

Sweater: Forever 21 Shorts, bracelets, and earrings: gift Scarf: Cotton On Shoes: Shoebox

   We only got to ride Vikings since we couldn't stand lining up for another hour just to ride the Ferris Wheel, plus we were all chilling already, so we decided to just go on a roadtrip and eat :D Here's some of our photographs during our trip.
our entrance tickets! :)

Sky Eye

me and zaira <3 
i wanted to ride them :(

i swear, i think this is the nicest photo we have. all photos are either wacky or TMTH lol.  U: Carl, Luis, Mike D: Me, Zaira and Throopie. *hi to Darence who were also with us but sadly didn't get to be in the pictures :( :))
Seriously love nights like this! Unexpected and filled with laughter. Hope to have many more of this in 2014!! Ohhh and btw, Special thanks to my mom for letting me go, hahaha I love you so much mommy, the distance of moon and earth is not enough :* hihi (hi mom)

Credits to Zaira, Carl and Luis for taking these pictures :)
til the next! <3 thea

Let's Get Lost at Sea

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I've mentioned a few posts away that I had a shoot for an online shop, and this look is just one of my favorite looks from it. This is my first time to wear this kind of green. As you can see from my previous posts, if I'm not wearing black, I'm certainly wearing vibrant colors. So this is how I'm going to wear gloomy colors again... Just like how my friends always tell me, still girly and sparkly. 

I'm wearing Juiceified from head to toe! Go visit the shop now and look for some affordable finds :) 

Anyway, I'm so happy I can guiltlessly sleep for 10 hours straight! However, I think my mind is forever on school mode that before I sleep, I still panic a little bit.. that I maybe have a paper due tomorrow that apparently I still haven't done, review something or just simply have to wake up at 5am again throwing me back to Zombie Wonderland again. I don't know if it's just me.. Are you feeling it too? Do you love sleep as much as I do? Hahaha, ok, I think I've overly shown how much I love sleeping in this post. 

Happy sleeping!
'til the next, <3 thea