If You Just Open Up Your Eyes

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 The Ramp shirt, Zara pants, Payless shoes, Mango bag, not mine bowtie, Edge Co arm candies, Forever 21 sunnies

 Isn’t it funny how sometimes our plans don’t go the way we planned it out to be? I can’t keep count anymore of how much “yay-i-planned-out-things-perfectly-dundundun-watch-how-it-won’t-happen” kind of moments have already happened in my life. It just leaves me in awe (every single time), how I realize that I still haven’t mastered the art of not expecting when planning out things. Or just the art of not expecting. Idk. I’m sorry if I’m kind of ranting. I had a bad monday morning and I hope the rest of my mornings for the whole week won’t be as bad as today. :( My jaw totally dropped on the floor (of course only in my head) how nothing happened today, like literally. Nothing. I wasn’t able to do any on my to do list to day and.. I hmm, I’ll just keep the rest to myself. :))

Anyway, here’s what I looked like today. I kinda like how this turned out to be! What do you think about it? Comment down below! :)

hope you’ll have a great week ahead!
’til the next, thea<3

(c) my mom

We're on each other's team

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Zara dress, Dorothy Perkins faux leather jacket, Forever 21 belt, Bershka heels

I spent my sunday just like how I usually do — church with family, eat out and then head home after to get some siesta. It was quite a very cold morning so I finally grabbed the chance to use this jacket that has been locked up in my closet for what felt like decades already. I don’t usually wear it since I know there would be people who would judge me since this kind of jacket doesn’t really match to the weather Philippines has. However, it was just so cold and I thought it was the best time to finally use it, after all, I don’t want to put it to waste by just letting it sit inside my closet. Lol, I’m kinda stressing this out because there was this man today who actually made an effort for me to hear what he thought about my jacket. He thought what I was wearing was too hot for him. But people are different from each other, right? :p

Happy sunday, and God bless!
Thanks to my sister who took these photos :)

Style Challenge 3: Usual Look In School

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The last wave of our mini style challenge is here! I guess the title already says it all about what this next outfit is going to be — school outfit. We picked this because this will really show how we look most days of our lives, since of course we both are still in undergrad! Ok, short story about us; Faye (visit her blog here) and I have been long friends since first year high school! We met each other in the year 2007 at a Montessori School called Casa De San Miguel Montessori School (ok I know you aren't familiar of it since it's located at Bacoor, Cavite)  and the rest is history! While I study a pre-med course at DLSU- Manila, she's prepping up for law school, taking up Legal Management at Ateneo De Manila University :) If you're a regular reader (thanks so much, btw!) I bet you've seen her name here on my blog a lot of times already! So anyway about the outfit! 

This is how I actually look like most of the time in school (left photo), my combo: top+pants+flats+big bag. I just style it in different ways that I can, like using accessories and various ways of tucking in the tops that I use. :P Of course, I wear skirts to school also, but very seldom. It's so hassle and I don't want to get called by the D.O again :( The dress code's really strict and I can't get away from it.. lol.  Anyway, Faye (right) wore a cute outfit, wearing a red skirt, black top and matched it up with this printed cardigan (which I find very cute)! Sorry for the lack of photos since we were in a hurry, it was almost raining when we did the shoot :( :)
 SM Dept. Store top and necklace, Zara bag and pants, Human pink frames, Topshop flats

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(c) Darence Deserva

Style Challenge 2: Something Dressy

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So here's the second wave of outfits we had for our style challenge. Our second theme is how we are going to style an outfit that is something dressy. This is something I'd wear to church or a lunch out with family/friends, especially during summer! The maxi skirt looks a bit formal but the peter pan collared top managed to tone down the formal vibe of the skirt. 

Ok so, if I were really feeling playful, I'd totally wear that flower crown out and care less about the judging eyes of the people :p

 Forever21 top and rose bangle, SM Dept. Store maxi skirt and flower crown, Topshop white flats

 Faye  (her link here) and I

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(c) Faye Banogon

Style Challenge 1: How Do You Wear Your Shorts?

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Currently on my term break for 5 days and it only means one thing, I can finally update this blog! As I have said on my previous post, one of my close friends, Faye (who happens to blog too! visit her page here Hop With Me) did a little photoshoot just a few weeks ago. It was sort of a style challenge kind and we had three themes for the each. The first one is How Do You Wear Your Shorts?  So basically, any kind of shorts is our staple for this one and we just have to style it by our own. The photos could already picture out what kind of attitude we both have when it comes to dressing up!

See how I styled my lace shorts!

Mango top, mom's gift lace shorts and watch, Topshop slip ons, SM Department Store necklace, forgotwhatbrand bracelets

Three consecutive outfit posts that I'm wearing a white t

op and black bottoms! Hope you aren't sick yet of these colors 'cause I'm still in love with it, although I promise to wear more colors next time!

L-R: Me and Faye (visit her blog here!)

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Every Single Day

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  Cotton On leggings and 3/4 shirt, Converse shoes, Topshop bag, Anne Klein watch. Forever 21 necklace

Wore this to school last thursday and I didn't regret wearing black and white again. However, slightly I apologize for wearing it on two consecutive blog posts, I'm just really not tired with them yet! The combination is classic and a life saver during the days when your head does not function very well :( Can't help but to abuse it. Anyway, I'm sorry for the hiatus. We're nearing towards the end of our term in school already. Going to brace myself for yet another sleepless nights and stressful days. I'm really praying hard this term ends great for me and hoping the same as well to everyone in school! 

I promise to post more interesting photos soon! I did a little shoot with one of my closest friend. Hope you'll watch out for it! :) btw, I have an exam and a thesis defense this week! Please pray for me? It would really mean the world to me :) 
Have a great week ahead! 
*Thanks to my mom who took these pictures


Speed it Up

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Zara shirt, Forever21 leather panelled leggings, gift necklaces, Stradivarius shoes, Mango bag, sister's watch

I really didn't have much to do in school on a Tuesday, so I'm posting right now something really laid back (didn't wear heels to school btw), or what they call at the latest trend right now as normcore.  I've been loving the normcore trend, really! It has been my favorite kind of style even way before it made as the top trend. Commuting is really hard but, obvi, that doesn't stop me from going to school in style, or should I say something that would really boost up my self confidence within the day. I believe in power dressing so that's what I have been doing most of the days in school. I don't really go out that much, so school has been one of my outlet to express myself through clothing. That is why I'm quite happy that normcore is finally becoming a trend right now since it's the easiest and most practical style during the crazy-zombie-apocalypse days in school. 

Hope you liked it! And thanks to my mom who took these pictures :)
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