First Wave: Boracay De Cavite

by Alethea Miralles on Sunday, 23 August 2015

So here's a thing about me: I'm just like every Filipina out there who hates getting dark, but at the same time, is crazy about beach. I love every single thing about it. The sand, the salty water, as well as the little fishes you get to swim with, and most importantly Mr. Sun. There's just something about the sun that makes me feel like it's going to be a good day. Even if being under it means getting one or two shades darker.

That is why when my high school barkada decided to go to a beach near us, the little girl inside me was beyond happy and excited. This place is called Boracay De Cavite, and yes it was named as such because its sand is fine and white, kind of the same as the sand in Boracay, Aklan. Here's some photos about our trip, hope you enjoy!!


Floppy hat: Topshop bikini: Eightmermaid sunnies: Aldo

My Apologies

by Alethea Miralles on Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hey guys?! How have you all been??? I feel so bad for not giving any attention to this blog! I've seriously been having tons of free time for the past months (actually up until now) and yet I didn't even post half of what I originally planned to post! I've been so lazy and blogging felt like a chore to me, (which I know is really bad). Now, I'm seriously regretting for all the time and the opportunities (of improving my blogging skillz) that I lost. :(

I am now thinking of new ways about what I should post next! I don't want this to be all about #OOTDs/#AllAboutFashion, I actually wanna put some of the stuff I do during my past time. I know I've already said that here in my old post, but now I really wanna push myself into doing it. Wish me luck, and hope to see you guys around!!! :)